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Back Pain-low Back Pain-Lower Back Pain

Most of the people often find themselves describing back pain as associated with the old people. It is a disorder believed only to occur to the old-which is not the case. Back pain which is also termed as dorsalgia is usually pain felt on the back which in most cases originates from the bones, nerves, joints, spine and the muscles.

The back pain is divided into 4 major categories;

  • Upper back pain
  • Tail bone pain
  • Neck pain
  • Lower back pain


Back pain can either be chronic pain or sudden onset, intermittent or consistent, keep on moving top different areas or maintain constancy, sharp or dull pain and burning or piercing sensations. Lower back pain has been the major pain among most of the patients and is mostly experience by thousands of patients globally on day-to-day basis. The common cause of the lower back pains is due to the injury of muscles, nerves and bones or a disease affecting the stated areas.
Low back pain can be reduced by having regular exercises which may be recommended by your personal doctor, one of the very effective ways to solve the problem of low back pain.


What is the lower back pain treatment?

Those who are subjected to lower back pain, comprises majorly of those who rarely end up having unsuccessful medication procedures. There has been a concern since not many back treatment regimes have been termed as successful. Patients and even those who are not under the condition yet should understand the following;

Lower back pain is very widely experienced by 4 out of every 5 adults at a particular point of their life time. Even for those who have only experienced it for the very short times have testified of the agony it experiences. Lower back pain is one of the symptoms which should trigger immediate decision of the patient to immediately consult the issue with the physician or doctor. Of you happen to be one of those suffering from lower back pain shouldn't be lied that it will be treated within a year or less-that's a lie. It involves a progressive series of treatments to see you have total healing of the process.

Treatment of lower back pain can be done using 2 different methods;

  • Conservative method
  • Surgical method

The conservative is the one involving non-surgical means. This includes;
Physical therapy is specifically designed to increase the flexibility and strength towards the affected area. Injuries are effectively rehabilitated using this method.

Chiropractic is a health program in treating lower back pain but sometimes shows disappointments resulting in permanent nature of the condition.

Decompression of the spine: is a new specialty in industry which also uses non-surgical means but is yet to be established on its effectiveness.
Lower back pain exercises have been used for quite some time and have shown some positive way towards the treatment of back pain. However, there is no way that the lower back pain exercise will be able to solve the magic on its own. It is only used to complement the other treatment ways, and provision of relief towards the pain. Exercises which are effective in accessing the oxygen flow within the body are encouraged though they shouldn't be done in extreme. is the only best online health resources ask about your back pain.

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