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Chest Pain and Chest Pain in Women. Left Side and Right Side Chest Pain Causes and Symptoms

Most of us have at one time experienced chest pains, especially to those who are slowly aging. Chest pain is among the symptoms which signalize conditions needing medical emergency. Any form of chest pain is better consulted by to the doctor who recommends whether it's r non-cardiac or cardiac in origin. Chest pain causes is as a result of many factors among them the angina.

Left Side and Right Side Chest Pain Causes and Symptoms

Angina is a condition resulting from inadequate supply of oxygen to the muscles of the heart. It is caused by spasm of coronary arteries or coronary artery disease. Chest pain causes may also be as a result of coronary occlusion-heart attack and various other diseases. Chest pains may also differ depending on the gender; men or women. Chest pain in women can be as a result of various reasons among them the very critical-heart disease. This means that it will involve a very careful evaluation, diagnosis and also supervision. But it is not true to say that heart disease is the only cause of the chest pains in women. In fact most women having chest pain examined for the coronary disease are usually found negative, meaning that it is not necessarily the heart disease which causes chest pains in women. There are other causes of the condition, apart from the heart disease.

CLINICAL MANIFESTATIONS of chest pain left side and chest pain right side

Chest pain right side in women is a common condition to those who have chest pain issues. The chest pain right side is usually caused by other factors which are far related to the heart. An example, pneumonia, liver disease and gallstones will cause chest pain right side of the women. Issues of gas problems are also associated with the pain problem. Muscles twitch due to rapid breathing or inappropriate posture may cause both right and left chest pain cause sin women. This give is a bigger picture of why women should never neglect pains of chest even if they don't have heart disease. Further tests are encouraged so as t have diagnosis to the pain and establish the initial cause.
Chest pain left side is also there among the women, caused mostly by the angina. Same to the right side pains is as a result of blood receiving inadequate oxygen. Cholesterol building on the walls of arteries causes this condition.
Angina is the squeezing of the chest due to decreased amount of oxygen. It is usually experienced as:

  • Tightening
  • Heaviness
  • Squeezing
  • Pressure
  • Aching behind the breastbone-across the chest

Since heart attack is majorly responsible for the chest wall pains, let's look at heart attack for an inclusion. Heart attack (myocardial infarction) is death of muscle caused by the sudden blocking of coronary artery by clot of the blood. The coronary arteries are responsible for the blood supply and oxygen to the heart. Blocking will result to the heart having les oxygen to pump, and this means that the lings will also have insufficient blood flowing to it, since the heart pumps blood to the lungs. Due to this deficit, sharp chest pains are likely to be felt by the individual. Symptoms of the heart attack in women include;

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Excessive sweating
  • Unbearable pains in chest's center
  • Not being able to eat
  • Pulse rate increase
  • Breathlessness
  • Weakness and nausea any time live 24hour/7days your medical questions answered.

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